At Your Service

Home Watch

Our home watch inspections include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Walk perimeter of property and look for signs of vandalism, broken windows, forced entry, theft, storm damage, insect infestation, and animal intrusion
  • Check window and lanai screens for damage or tears
  • Visually inspect pool cage structure
  • Monitor pool/spa, pump, water level, water condition, and cleanliness
  • Collect mail, newspapers, flyers or packages left on property
  • Return trash cans to proper location if left at curb after departure
  • Ensure all access points (windows, doors, fences) are securely locked
  • Look for landscape issues such as overgrowth, dying plants, grass, or branches


  • Check all doors and windows make sure they are locked, and no damage has occurred
  • Visually look for signs of mold, mildew, and water damage
  • Turn main water line on and run water in sinks, showers and tubs. Brush, and flush toilets
  • Verify A/C thermostat and digital humidistat are properly set and working
  • Check A/C air filters and change if needed
  • Replace dead batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors if accessible
  • Check refrigerator, freezer and wine coolers for proper operation and temperature
  • Check sink disposal
  • Check closets, pantry, and storage areas
  • Visual inspection for pests
  • Reset clocks after power outages
  • Check garage and make sure door is locked
  • Check electric panel for tripped breakers
  • Vehicle battery maintenance and tire inspections
  • Check main water valve is turned off after each visit

Each home watch visit is conducted through an electronic inspection checklist using HomeWatchIT and is tailored to your property and needs. The report captures the date and time of each visit along with any findings at your property. Reports use GPS location to verify we are on site while inspecting your home. At completion of visual inspection, the report is emailed to you for your review.


Our concierge services include the following:

Keyholder Services: Provide access to your property for any situation, such as emergency assistance, service provider or contractor access, project oversight, scheduled deliveries, visiting relatives or renter access.  

Mail and Package Assistance:  Retrieve your mail and forward it to your current address using the United States Postal Service. Receive your packages and take them to your home.

Trash: Move trash cans to curb or return trash cans to proper location if left at curb after departure

Open Services for you, a renter or guest:

  • Open home before scheduled arrival date
  • Turn on water, water heater, and major appliances.
  • Sweep your lanai and front walkway and put out your lanai furniture.
  • Adjust A/C to customers requested comfort setting.
  • Turn on lights at entry way for a safe and comfortable arrival.

Grocery Shopping: Accept delivery of initial grocery order placed by client

Start vehicle or golf cart

Water interior plants

Closing Services for you, a renter or guest:

  • Close home after scheduled departure date
  • Turn off water, water heater, and major appliances
  • Set thermostat to efficient setting
  • Turn off all lights
  • Securely lock home
  • If requested, move furniture inside, empty refrigerator, or coordinate cleaning service visit

Storm Preparation:

  • Move furniture and plants inside
  • Close electric, accordion, or crank storm shutters
  • Check on your home after the storm with a visual observation for any damage inside and outside your home
  • Take pictures of your property and send a Home Watch Report to your email and call you with any concerns

Custom Services: Discuss your concerns and tailor a service package to meet your specific needs.